Alcohol and justice

1994 more than half of the men convicted for murdering their spouses had been under the influence on alcohol. Violence has been an ongoing act correlated with substance abuse. There are many contributing factors to how alcohol affects people; the brain, when induced with alcohol, responds differently than it would normally. According to the International Center for Alcohol policies men are not the only ones that may become violent due to alcohol, women also have the tendency to react violently.

Alcohol leads to devastating situations such as miscarriages, physical abuse, mental abuse, and death. The brain is very important, because it helps up make good Judgment, good reaction time, and have reasoning. The first stage in the effects of alcohol is dehydration. People get “drunk”l because of the lack of oxygen that the body is receiving and the dehydration; due to the alcohol causes the human bodies have an increase in urination. “Alcohol replaces water in your cells, the red cells and their capacity to carry oxygen decreases” (Roll, 2013).

Alcohol cause impaired memory, lockouts, moodiness, altered speech, hazy thinking and confusion which may all lead to domestic abuse. The reason for this is because the alcohol is attacking the hippopotamus and cerebellum. These mixed emotions lead to some people whom may be ordinary, committing crimes they may had never done while sober. “Heavy drinking has been strongly linked to violence between partners and to a lesser extent to violence towards others, possibly because proximity increases in the opportunities for violence” (Roll, 2013).

Peoples lack of Judgment cause them to be unable to agonize their actions as being appropriate or not. Due to a shortage of oxygen being supplied to the brain, a person may begin to experience the feeling of annoyance and become short tempered. Because of this lack of Judgment the individual is more likely to not be able to control these emotions and strike out at a spouse or loved one. “This occurs in part because alcohol impairs Judgment and reduces impulse control (health, 2004).

The change in attitude and loss of ability to controls one’s own emotions makes it easier for the individual to make a decision they may have not chosen to do while sober. There are many forms of abuse resulting from the excess use of alcohol, these include child abuse, spouse abuse, hitting, choking, biting, and fights in the public. Individuals usually end up hurting those who are closer to them, because they are in the vicinity. A twenty nine year old named Runoff Gonzales from Orange County was charged in the murder of his friend Samuel Vivaldi.

Both of the men had been drinking when they broke into an argument that lead to the accused, grabbing a knife killing the victim. The murder happened on March 15, 2010 approximately eleven thirty three. “A man has been rested in connection with stabbing his 35-year-old friend to death after the two got into an argument after they had been drinking, police said (Salary, 2010). Due to the Alcohol and justice By Stockholm argument and instead committed a crime that forever changed his life. Drinking is a contributing factor to suicide intensifying the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

According to Dry. Alex Crosby “Alcohol leads to disinheriting, and it can enhance feelings of hopelessness and depression”2. The reason that this happens is because when you drink you become impulsive and falsely brave making you not afraid to do things you normally would not do while sober. This is also known as the “superman” affect, thus giving a person he feeling of being invincible. Alcohol is used as a source of stress relieving, fun, and entertainment, but when not properly monitored, it can turn deadly when not properly monitored.

On May 30, 2012 a thirty year old man named Gaston Gorged celebrated his thirtieth birthday by having drinks with friends. After his celebration, Gaston made the fatal decision to drive and ended up killing a family. Brenda gains 64, and her daughter Denies Gains, along tit four children where are killed. Because Mr.. Gorged decided to consume alcohol and drive he ended the life of a whole family that was driving home from church. “On May 30 of this year Gaston Gerald celebrated his 30th birthday, got drunk and killed seven people.

Gerald is white, the victims were all Black” (Livingston, 2012). Intoxicated people become a danger to themselves, as well as those around them. Because of the superman affect, the accused felt he was perfectly fine to drive. In many cases when friends try to drive the individual intoxicated they become angry, and insist to drive. When an individual becomes irresponsible due to the large amounts of alcohol and acts out a form of violence or abuse on another there are more than the immediate consequences. Family members and friends of both parties are also affected.

Both must face emotions such as loss, embarrassment, responsibility, and despair. “Most survivors face a long period of emotional struggle to reconstruct a devastated life” (murdered). When children are brought up in a home where one or both parents drink and are violent this will sometimes cause the child to either follow the same path or tray from it. Either way the act cause the child to have physiological damage, only knowing how to be violent or to drink when they have problems. Leister here, are only some of the issues that children get from alcohol leading to violence. Physiological problems, such as hand tremors and blackouts, psychological problems, such as obsessive desire to drink, and behavioral problems that disrupt social or work life” (parsons, 2003). All the pain and suffering that comes from large amounts of alcohol consumption is massive and it is reflected through the families of all that must deal with the consequences of ones actions. Alcohol has been proven to alter your personality making you brave and can be dangerous when too much is consumed making them alcohol abusers.

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