Anthem Social Justice Tie

In Any Rand’s Anthem, a story about a man who wants to have a different life, there are quite a few examples of social injustice. For example, when Equality 7-2521 (the protagonist), says that, as humans, we strive to have the same rank as everyone else, but that isn’t possible. Rand says, “We strive to be like all our brother men, for all men must be alike. ” (Rand, 1. 07). This quote means that all humans want to be equal (in social class), but it Just isn’t possible, as some people think of themselves as inferior to others.

Another example, is when Equality 7-2521 says that no one is allowed to pick what Job they will do for the rest of their lives. Rand wrote, “Dare not choose in your minds the work you would like to do when you leave the Home of the Students. You shall do that which the Council of Vocations shall prescribe for you. ” (Rand, 1. 20). This quote means that (in this society) you are told what occupation you will have, and it would not change. This doesn’t show social Justice, because there would always be people who are superior Oust by the type of Job) to others.

The next example, is when Equality 7-2521 points out to us that workers can only work up to age forty, then are sent to the old people’s home. Rand writes, “Thus must all men live until they are forty. At forty, they are worn out. At forty, they are sent to the Home of the Useless, where the Old Ones live. ” (Rand, 1. 34). This quote shows that “old men” (above forty years old) are being discriminated against, and cannot work, and instead have to be taken care of by the government, because they are too old. Another example, is when Equality 7-2521 explains that the government picks out women for the men, and controls reproduction in this way.

Rand states, “And each of the men have one of the women assigned to them by the Council of Eugenics. Children are born each winter, but women never see their children and children never know their parents. ” (Rand, 2. 13). This quote means that the government wants to control every aspect of a men’s life, including the women they can mate with. This is not social Justice, because the men are being discriminated because of their gender. My final example, is when Equality 7-2521 informs us that most people know only of famous names, not ordinary people.

Rand wrote, “There were men whose famous names we knew, and others from distant lands whose names we had not heard. ” (Rand, 7. 3). This quote means that the government (council of scholars) only knows the names of famous scholars, who present to them. This council does not recognize ordinary people’s names. How can anyone become famous, and recognized, if they are told what to do for the rest of their lives, by the government? All of these reasons illustrate why Anthem, does not show Social Justice to all. Anthem Social Justice Tie By Death-Ashram

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