Assinment Justice Delayed

In the 13th century the people forced the king to sign the Magna Cart, The Great Charter, and promise not to “delay Justice”. Even the Sixth Amendment provides that “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial”. Speedy trial laws have been enacted to protect the defendant and his rights. Delays can harm and help the defendant. Delays in a speedy trial can result in defendants staying in Jail for months before their day in court.

As delays continue witnesses get older and memories start to fade increasing the chance of acquittal. No matter who benefits or is caused harm by court room delays, the publics trust in he Judicial process fades causing a loss of confidence in the Justice system. This happens when witnesses or victims are forced to make numerous repeated trips to the court house only to be delayed yet again. When case delays occur this impounds the work load with in the court room.

Often times delays results in lenient plea bargains for the defendant which causes another reason for the public to lose faith in the Justice system. Many commentators have said the problem causing the delay in Justice is a result of the imbalance between available resources and the mounting caseloads. This has led o adding more courtroom staff. Judges admit that there is a significant problem with inadequate control and necessary support for court operation.

In addition, all of the separate organizations have scheduled court appearances for when is best for them. To improve communications and delays, periodical meetings to share information are schedule. Justice is denied when people who benefit from this delay are the lawyers, people within the criminal Justice system, the law enforcers, and the prosecutors whose paycheck is based purely on the continua stream of criminals and arraigned suspects into the criminal Justice system.

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