Century Unique Challenges

Abstract The Juvenile systems is facing and ever growing problem in today’s society. The problem is child Abuse and Neglect; this is an issue that is filling the courts to the Max. The system faces this type of phone call about every seconds. This is a massive problem ongoing with the ever shrinking budgets and available staff to help the children. The Juvenile Justice System has very big challenge to help all the children that are victims of some form of abuse. The statistics in this type of case are just down right heart breaking and unbelievable.

In this paper, I will discuss the unique challenges the Juvenile Justice system faces today regarding child abuse and neglect. For instance the Juvenile Justice system receives a phone call about every 10 seconds. (children, n/d) The system keeps getting and alarming number of children that has received some form of abuse or neglect from mental, sexual, and physical. I will discuss my predictions and challenges and unique issues for the future of the Juvenile Justice system.

The juvenile Justice system has to come up with ways to help these children with shirking budgets and staff. The future holds unlimited possibilities for these children to grow and learn what happened to them was not their fault. The system has to deal with the ever growing population in the system, this is going to be the hardest issues for us as Americans and the Juvenile Justice system to understand and deal with. I will provide facts and figures of the increasing child abuse and neglect.

The statistics in the amount of abuse and neglect that happens in America today are Just heart breaking. The Juvenile Justice system has long road ahead of them to help with the causes that abuse and neglect have on our youth today. The future of our country is in the hand of our Juvenile Justice system, the youth in the system today will either go n to upstanding member of society or life of crime. The Juvenile Justice system has to stay ahead of the criminals today, the internet makes it extremely hard to track and find sexual predators.

With the ability to log on to insecure Wi-If networks, it is almost impossible to track them and locate them. Children are being abused and neglected in alarming numbers. The system has to come up with ways to help these children due to the alarming numbers being put in the system today. The system has to come up with ways to assist and help these children with physical and psychological issues these youth will have to deal with for the rest of their life. The system has ways to help each individual child and help them deal with the traumatic event they have been through.

The prediction for the Juvenile Just system will be in ways to have each child get the treatment and stability to make them productive members of society, instead of burdens on society. Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect. Over 3 million reports of child abuse are made every year in the United States; however, those reports can include multiple children. In 2009, approximately 3. Million child abuse reports and allegations were made involving an estimated 6 million children (children, n/d).

The static in the Juvenile Justice System 21 SST Century Unique Challenges By wilding neglect, not feeding them, not bathing them and so on. The numbers for neglect are at an alarming number of 78. 3% (children, n/d). This is an outrageous number in today’s society; with this amount of children being neglected the system is Just overwhelmed. The next is physical abuse at an alarming rate of 10. 8% (children, n/ d). With these numbers you can see that the rates have went to alarming numbers, embers on child deaths have went from 3. 3 children a day to 5+ in 2010 (children, n/d). The abuse dose not Just stop within the home, once the child comes out of the home society as a whole has to burden of pay for these children. These numbers are high enough to make anyone’s stomach turn, it should Just plain make the American public mad and frustrated. The issues in America are most people Just turn their head and say not my problem I don’t want to get involved. These fact and figures that keep rising by leaps and bounds are putting a big strain on the Juvenile Justice system and the American population.

In conclusion, I have covered some prediction for the future ion the Juvenile Justice system. The burden the abuse and neglect of our youth has put on the American population and the Juvenile Justice system. The hardship the system is facing with shirking budgets and staff. I discussed the alarming numbers of children fatalities in an alarming rise in Just 12 years. The parentage of neglect cases in today’s society is an astonishing rate that Americans don’t believe or look the other way. The amount of children in the United States harmed is Just plain heart breaking and unbelievable.

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