Crimianl Justice Trends

Law enforcement has been around for many years now what would be do without are fallow officers. There is many things that in the past officers did not have that now we are privileged with having. Never did officer in the past decades think we would be as advanced as we are now. Before crimes were solved without all the updated technology that has been created. Now that we are able to have things at our fingertips it’s a lot easier to get bad guys off the street.

In the following paragraphs I will be going over the past and history of law enforcement. Also the present of law enforcement what we have now that was not accessible to officers or to the criminal justice before. Then the future of law enforcement what new technology might be coming in the new decade. Finally what is the qualitative and quinine of this research being done will there be a conclusion too. Past and History of Law enforcement Police History In the beginning, there was kin policing, with its penchant for blood feuding and traditions of tribal Justice.

Many pre-civilized villages or communities are believed to have had a rudimentary form of law enforcement (morals enforcement) rived from the power and authority of kinship systems, rule by elders, or perhaps some form of totemic or naturism. Under kin policing, the family of the offended individual was expected to assume responsibility for Justice by capturing, branding, or mutilating the offender. To be sure, there were also theocratic institutions (religious temples, magic rituals, grand viziers), but these were probably used as a system of appeals (sanctuary, refuge) and for purposes not associated with Justice. Memorial Fund, 2009). So policing started in the sass’s and it was called kin policing/ eight watch. The officer worked part time and was not paid. At this point it was made to make sure to keep many colonist in place because many out brakes were going on again the king and their needed to be structure. The officer did not have any protection and only had a baton to protect himself from ever being attacked. Then in the sass’s Boston hires first full time paid law enforcement. This was a huge step because many were working for free and now being hired on and being paid after a 100 years.

Following in the sass’s to be exact in 1835 Texas creates the Texas Ranger ND this is the oldest state wide law enforcement agency in America. In 1858 police departments in Boston and in Chicago issue uniforms to the officers, finally almost a decade later the Boston police department issues pistols to their officers. Next in Criminal Justice Trends By 1 Travis which would later become the international association of chiefs of police. For the first time, police leaders met regularly to share ideas.

In 1902 fingerprints is first used in the United States by law enforcements that’s when they started to be able to obtain records of those who were committing the offenses. By 1914 the Barley police department in California became the first agency to have all patrol officers with vehicles. So since officers started in the sass’s to 1914 they have been able grated with more resources and because many agency new that they were very much needed and they wanted to provided them with resources that were needed to perform.

Present Now in the era that we are in officers have so many resources that it’s unbelievable to have. In 2002 the department of homeland security is formed to lead the united action to secure America. A To mention that officers now carry bullet proof vests to protect them from gunshot wounds to the upper body. There is many things that can protect an officer now from gunshot wounds. Also now we have many different agency that deal with different areas in the criminal Justice system.

We can have a couple pointed out our state police officers that deal with city limit crimes, then FBI that deals with the federal crimes, and the US Marshall that hunt for those who fled the US and are wanted back in the US to go against a Judge for the crime committed. In the previous eras we did not have different agency to look over different subject that we have now that are able to address one subject at a time instead of it all being piled on once agency.

It is a great thing to have different agency to commit to one specific subject. They are able to help each other out or Just step on each other way its best to stay grounded in their Jurisdiction and that’s what it should be like. Crimes at times are able to be solved a lot faster some times when more than on agency is involved. There are many resource now that can detect DNA, from a criminal Just room being swabbed in a prison. All this is stored in a data base that keeps records of the criminal and person committed crime.

And it can be detected back to them when going through the database and being handled by a scientist to test it and yes it does take a couple of weeks but its better than not having this device accessible to you. Technology has grown so far from not having nothing all to being able to detect someone by saliva, hair, and blood. Future The future hold a lot in the criminal Justice world in the police world not only is technology being updated quicker then we can be used to one device. Instead of having officers I think we will have robots the system has become to technical now that it will think of anything.

Just by an officer looking at someone they will be able to have their whole info by having a chip into them while on duty. They will have inserted a device in their car to fingerprint readers when under arrest so the intake process will be a lot quicker and faster. An also an advanced DNA tester will be made that will not have to go through scantest to have to test to be able to obtain results a lot quicker than usual. Anything can be possible with so much technology that is Ewing introduced into the world.

We might not think this not possible but we have gone so far from the sass’s to now. The police force has enhanced so much that it will get even better after the years of research and tests of certain things that should Qualitative and Quantitative research done in the police officer era regarding the growth of this development it Qualitative because it can be ones opinion but it is not conclusive like Quantitative. Quantitative used statistic it asked specific question no yes and no question but for full responses.

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