What is criminology mostly the study of crime and its causes and consequences criminology have four interests topics that it consist of we have deterrence, poverty, subcultures and. Deterrence is the prevention of criminal behavior overall. In my opinion deterrence plays no part what so ever. Criminal contemplating a criminal act do not sit around the living room and say I will not commit this murder if I face the death penalty, but I might do it if the penalty is life without parole.

Persons contemplating or doing this murder plan is not trying to get caught or weigh the uniqueness there are two subject of deterrence. Specific deterrence is a criminal sentencing that seeks to prevent a particular offender from engaging in repeat criminal sentence that want to prevent other from doing criminal acts. For which a particular offender is being charged for. Criminal behavior is learned such as from growing up an in interaction with other that our deviant. Through this time they not only smart to certain crimes, but also having motives and so months association varies from person to person.

Differential theory explains why any person has the mine set award deviant behavior , Poverty is being extremely, poor or not having funds to be able to survive. The united states urban is often said as a problem. Bad area with high poverty levels there are factors such as unemployment, population, diversity, minority, age are correlated with crime and affects poverty as well. Focusing on poverty and trying to prevent poverty maybe crime reduction will go down. Poverty simply effects crime because if your poor how can you get the items that you need to survive so there for you go out an commit crimes an order to live.

Subculture is a election of values and preferences that is communication to subcultures participants through a process of colonization. Subcultures differences by social class, region, age and gender. Gender is one of the most persistent correlates of delinquency acts, mostly among lower – class makes. Subcultures theories help to explain why subcultures emerge, basically the middle class or lower would be the ones committing crimes because there class are more on poverty specially an the inner cities.

The overview of social control theories social control focus on the strategies to alp human behavior and compliance of society rules, including in fluencies of family, schools, moral, values and belief. Social control theory argues that if people have more involvement with doing activities, working even hanging out that may stop the violates. Social control theory is viewed from two perspectives macro social perspective explores formal control system for the control groups including the legal system such as law, law enforcement, powerful groups in society and the economic and social directives of government or private organization.

The two perspective which is microcosmic focuses on informal control system which help to know why people commit crimes criminology. The only thing that will change if this world was Criminology By samara help of others. If this world could Just come together maybe crime would of never occurred. References: * Schmeltzer, F. (2002). What is criminology?. (6th deed. , p. 3). Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458: Prentice Hall. * Schmeltzer, F. (2002). What is criminology?. (6th deed. , p. 5). Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458: Prentice Hall. * Procom. Org. (2013, June 13). Death Penalty Procom. Org. Retrieved from http://dependently. Procom. Org/

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