Cruciform Justice

Various Forms Justice is defined and thought of in many different ways by different cultures in relation to their values. As discussed by DRP. German, the Roman and American cultures share a similar view of Justice, in which when someone is wronged; they hold the belief that one should get revenge. This idea is a sort of eye for an eye mentality to which Ghanaian wisely stated, “an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”. This quote in its own way somewhat embodies the values and ideas of the Christian community and the beliefs that they share.

DRP. German stated that Roman, Corinthian, and American cultures have the view that revenge is the best way to get retribution, while Christians share the view that one should forgive, love, and suffer through the wrong doing that has happened to them. Another interesting point that DRP. German said in his lecture was the Roman, Corinthian, and Christian communities would take their own people, even neighbors, and previous friends to court to have the wrong done to them righted, however, this is not a cruciform justice.

The differences between the two values and ideals really struck home with me because I never really thought about how someone would call themselves a Christian but then would turn around and seek revenge with such a lust that would tear apart strong relationships. The cruciform Justice that true, devote Christians practice is one that shows a true forgiveness of another’s trespasses. Another important point that DRP. German makes is that Justice and righteousness go hand in hand and that to have those two qualities, one must love God and also their gibbers the same.

These are the two most important commandments in the bible and they encompass how a good Christian should live their life. It is the difference between living a life that is purely lived for getting into heaven, and one that is fulfilling and full of a good relationship with God and one’s neighbors. These points made by DRP. German are all good ones that should be thought upon and put into practice by those who wise to follow God and who view a Christian lifestyle as one that is important to them.

Without the true forgiveness and mercy that God shows to is creation, humanity would not be in existence for this long simply because of the mass of sin that humans commit every day. Chrism’s example should be followed if one wants to be a true Christian and reap the benefits of a holy life. DRP. German provided many valuable points as to the true meaning of Christianity and the importance of Justice and forgiveness. I believe that more people should listen to the message that he had to share and contemplate the cruciform Justice that Christians agree upon in order to better their lives.

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