Different Aspects of “The Courtship of Mr. Lyon”

“The Courtship of Mr… Lyon” is an interpretation of a traditional folktale, “Beauty and the Best”. There are some aspects that make this story different from the old version. Firstly, the characterization of these two stories is dissimilar. The characters in the traditional version are almost flat characters. The protagonist, Belle, is completely good; lovely and kindhearted. In contrast, in “The courtship of Mr… Lyon”, the protagonist, named Beauty, is not a flat character but a round character. She is not totally good like the old version, sometimes she might do good and sometimes she an do fault.

In the text book, page 97 paragraph 3, started with “Returning late from supper after… ” This describes about how the protagonist can have flaw is. When she is rich, she enjoys her luxurious life in the city and she becomes a spoiled child. This kind of life style that she has never felt it before makes she forget the promise for Mr… Lyon. This is her fault as a protagonist. Commonly, as a protagonist, she should not do like this, she have to be good all the time, but the author make the story different from the old version to make readers realize the reality that human beings can moieties good and sometimes bad.

That is difference. Secondly, the use of point of view is, in my opinion, a little bit different. Both stories are third person point of view. But in “The Courtship of Mr… Lyon”, the third person point of view can be sometimes “first person”. This means there are two narrators in the story. While reading, the readers would feel like there are two people are telling the story. There are some evidences in page 93 paragraph 2 from the bottom, started with “Although her father had told her of the nature of the one who… He uses of first-person relative pronoun are shown, “we” and “us”. This quality can make readers enter the mind of the characters and understand more about how they think. Thirdly, the balance between the magical and the real world, the traditional version is extremely supernatural, whereas, in “The Courtship of Mr… Lyon” has the rational balance between magic and reality. In the traditional version, the Beast becomes a handsome young prince in the last part of the story. This is the extreme magic that makes the readers feel completely happy.

Seemingly, the magic use in the old version has no limited power which can fulfill all wish to come true. The ugly beast can become the handsome prince in Just one kiss; it is excessive for the reality. In contrast, the use of magic in “The Courtship of Mr… Lyon” is not exaggerated. Even though there is the use of magic in the story, it is still in balance. In the very last part of the story, Beauty kisses Mr… Lyon and the magical power happens. However, the magic is not excessive because Mr… Lyon does not become a very handsome prince; he still remains the appearance f a beast.

He has an unkempt hair like the mane of lion and also a broken nose like a lion. The magic is more suitable for reality than the old version. All in all, the 3 aspects above show the difference that “The Courtship of Mr… Lyon” looks more realistic than the old version, “Beauty and the Beast”. In the adapted version, the character is not flat but round like a real human being and has the process of thinking, and the magic is not exaggerated. Different Aspects of “The Courtship of Mr… Lyon” and “Beauty and the Beast” By McCracken

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