Divorce Speech Outline

Divorce is an extremely traumatic experience for children, and creates emotional and behavioral implications for them. BODY: I. A child’s emotional wellbeing is impacted negatively from divorce A. Children who go through divorce are impacted from negative emotional responses and infusion on how to handle tough emotional hurdles properly. . According to Sam Marriages in his book, Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life, “[Divorce] can create a dangerous process that aligns… Children emotionally… And produces a distorted [emotional] perception of a parent” (216). 2. I always wondered how I would be able to make the right decisions if my parents divorced. They were the ones that guided me in the right direction each day, but what if they were both trying to guide me in different directions? Being made to choose which parent is right or rang, or which parent to take sides with, is very hard on a young child.

During childhood, children need the stability that they can only get from both of their parents collectively in order to develop correct emotional responses. B. Children who go through divorce have a greater chance of developing emotional problems that adversely affect their mental wellbeing. 1. Peggy Patten, who interviewed Robert Hughes, Jar. , Ph. D. On CAP Collaborative website, states that, “Children are more likely to have low self-esteem and feel depressed [after divorce]” (1). 2. Children are supposed to be care free and fun loving.

That is how most of my childhood was, but when my parents did fight, and thoughts of divorce came to mind, that’s all I was able to think about and it made me feel terrible. I would dwell on the thought of divorce. It is not healthy for children’s developing minds to be clouded with thoughts of their parent’s separation. The one major source of stability in their feeling depressed and guilty. II. The behaviors of children are also negatively affected by divorce. A. Children from divorced families are likely to exhibit poor conflict resolution behavioral skills. 1.

In an online Journal article titled, “The Differential Effects Of Parental Divorce And Marital Conflict On Young Adult Romantic Relationships” from the 2010 Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, Mining Cue and Frank D. Assert that, “Children may learn a variety of [unhealthy] conflict behaviors from [divorce]” (332). 2. Children see how their parents deal with conflict resolution, and they learn. When their parents cannot resolve their conflict, the children naturally learn poor responses to their own conflicts. B. Children of divorce often show tendencies to more violent ND self-destructive behaviors. . Churchill, Aaron, and Patrick Fagan state in their online web article, “The Effects of Divorce on Children” that, “Children who engage in fighting and stealing at school are far more likely to come from [divorced] homes than well-behaved children” (13). 2. Children learn correct responses to situations from their parents, and when they go through a divorce, the stability that a child has is split. When that foundation falls apart for them, it can lead to fighting and stealing at school or bad behavior in general.

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