Divorced Parents

My parents are divorced and have been since I was very young. My mother was initially granted custody, but I was placed in a foster home when she became disabled and could no longer support us. My father was then granted custody, and I went to live with him, his wife, and her kids. My stepmother hates me, heaps abuse on me, and wants my father to get rid of me. Starting in my Junior year of high school, my father told me that he would no longer support me, and that I was going to have o pay rent if I wanted to continue to live with him.

So I started working forty hours a week while I was attending high school to pay for my food, rent, and clothing. When I graduated from high school my father and his wife kicked me out of the house. My friend’s parents took me in and provided me with shelter. When it came time to apply for college, my father initially agreed to help me pay for school. When the Student Aid Report came back, however, he tore it up and refused to help.

I was able to go to a local community college with my savings from work, but now he’s refusing to fill out the FAST. I am doing everything I can to pay for school, but I’ve exhausted my savings, and without any financial aid I’m going to have to drop out. Is there anything I can do to get myself declared independent? I’m self-supporting and haven’t lived with my parents for three years, but I don’t satisfy the federal definition. Please help! Divorced Parents By spoil

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