Economic Justice For All

What the ideas and principles of the Economic Justice for All are not so much about how to shape the economic aspect of America but rather look at the social teachings in the church. The goal is to take what we have learned from gospel and make our everyday rational decisions about what is right and what is wrong. This is exactly what the Second Vatican of the Catholic Church did in 1986.

A group of very intelligent priests and avid followers of Christ sat around together and addressed the right and wrongs of our economy as a whole; making each decision in the eyes of the Lord as best they could. These individuals touched base on many different topics. They tried to analyze their views from a standpoint that had no bias. One of the main points that I found interesting is when they talked about how Jesus put those who were in need above all. If someone needed help, then he would go to their side right away.

Even if the arson had lost his way in faith, Jesus would always make sure that the men and women who needed help and guidance got exactly that. I think that this a great point to highlight because if you can base an entire economy off of that one idea, then you have a nation that acts as a family. In my opinion there is no better way to run a world. Overall, the Economic Justice for All was a group of brilliant Christians who decided to make a change in the world and really analyze what was important and that is actions through Christ.

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