Environmental Justice for Texaco Oil Company

Case Study Background The basic petroleum development in Ecuador started in the year of 1878 and the National Assembly of Ecuador provides the needed form of rights to M. G. Meier. Thus, the Company is used for the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical, physical, or mechanical means of petroleum along with kerosene. It also includes various resemblance or containing bitumen substances in it.

In the later years of 1937, the Ecuadorian government has given the Shell Oil, which is the first form of oil used in the oriented region of the Amazon. This also includes various oil reserves that were found in the year of 1964 along with the Texaco Company that is completely controlled by another company known as Texaco Petroleum Company. This was given by the government to inquire into oil production, which is in the region along with a partnership that is done with the government.

Texaco Thus, unluckily this oil drilling was not entirely promoting or enhancing well-being to the country. Therefore Ecuador had no form of experience in the oil industry and have confidence or faith in Texaco to design and construct the stock of basic facilities ND capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area for the attaining oil and facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods to the market in it.

Therefore the governmental leaders have mainly trusted the Texaco which would make use of all the of relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles standards and is used for act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum in the United States. It is also carried out in and around the world in an effective manner. Problem

Therefore based on the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual of Texaco the form of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum in Ecuador is considered as a critical health crisis in an easier way. Thus the health workers that have Furnished with or supported by documents have the problems like that of an increase in miscarriages along with the birth defects. Then a form of study done by the Ecuadorian form of Popular Health Promoters of the Amazon (PASSÉ) and is found with its form of arising without apparent external cause abortions along tit form of headaches.

Then serious health effects are decided as to where something belongs in a scheme to the results of attaining the oil producing state of being in effect or being operative done by Texaco. Pollution in Texaco These Characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning groups along with other persons who have ask for legally or make a legal claim to, as of debts and is a case of environmental prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

Therefore the pollution that is obtained as a history of racial cognitive process has two or more stimuli are Environmental Justice for Texaco Oil Company By thickens comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy saying that Texaco Treat differently on the basis of factors such as sex, race, age, etc against its other employees, that was used for a amount of $176 million (Stouter, 1999). Thus, Texaco attains that they have acted in a responsible manner and have used certain industry practice in an effective manner.

Thus they live that there attains no Worthy of reliance or trust an indication that makes something evident in support of the all the claims in it (Tallboy, 1999). Based on the impact created in this process, the various form of evidence that is given to the courts are: * Higher than 99 percent of all water samples tested that are considered as free of high levels of petroleum related chemicals * The attained for does not exceed World Health Organization and also the SEEPS standards based on the research. Higher than 99 percent of all the soil samples that are attained from Tappet areas and so the act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil was effective * Then the additional interest as that of big levels of bacterial source from human as well as the animal waste are 90% in the drinking water Solutions Thus due to the Extraordinarily large in size, extent, amount, power or degree and a improving amount of attention that is paid to its problem as most of the people are attentive to the situation that are mainly working in order to improve it in an effective manner.

Then the media with series of actions advancing a principle or tending award a particular end along with a book that was written with the problem that focus on its attention made in it. Thus the effectual process that is considered as a lengthy and difficult one has the a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy that have been used against Texaco to get more form of attention.

Then the phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon of the Status established in order of importance or urgency being done by the a comprehensive term for any proceeding n a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy are reaching, and this helps in creating awareness in a wide range.

Then if the lawsuits did not result in a form of Judgment that is in form of the Ecuadorian, as they have options in order to open to form negative attention in to Texaco which clearly explains the media campaigns. Thus this form of negative attention will clearly make Texaco to think about their performance in the near future.

Recommendations These factors that are considered as the health problems in the various regions that sees it are given as * sewage systems * Water contaminated from biological sources and harmful pesticides * Inadequate sanitation and * infectious parasites and bacteria-related disease * Chronic malnutrition and serious vitamin deficiencies * Lack of access to medical facilities * Inadequate housing that increases likelihood of contact with infectious insects Lack of trained health care workers Thus the Opportunity Cost is the best alternative for the supply and demand analysis.

As petroleum have more and more demand in every country the demand ND supply for other products will decrease literally. This will be and lose for other without the permission of all their subordinates. This is attained by the way that they used to approach all the clients who are there to supply it to all people. These are the health risks that are found in various types of concentrations with the populations of minority along with the low-income children involved in it.

Therefore current trends in a conversation will make us to be known as these will become old trends in the near future. Business will also generate good means of technology and also innovation to create the success path for an organization. This is considered for all fields and is very common. Therefore this must be taken with care by the industrialist to make the business practice with excellent vision of various expertise’ in the respective field.

Conclusion: Texaco is maintaining the partnership with Eduardo and is helpful for them to attain more with the petroleum production. Therefore this will be very much needed for them to achieve more. Their way of relation with the government in Amazon will be very much useful to attain good means of support to gain success. As it is related with Amazon there is a lot of polluting and is responsible for thru pollution occurring in it.

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