Evidence Based Practice Essay

General Problem In this section, students describe what worries them about current practice. They NAS were the question, what makes you concerned that current practice in not consistent with best practices? SST dents edit and revise information from the Module 4 Statement of Purpose Essay to make the beginning of this essay clear, concise and cohesive. Aim Statement This section, students explain their anticipated goals by answering the following sues Zion.

What exactly what do you hope to accomplish in developing this evidence eased practice? The format of the aim statement is to follow the Institute of Healthcare Improvement format and include the timeshare, clinical condition, measures, work and performance goals. Students edit and revise the information deep eloped in the Module 4: Statement of Purpose Essay as necessary to make this discussion clear and cohesive e. Please refer to the Module 4: Statement of Purpose Essay assignment to revisit the information on aim SST tenements.

Literature Review In the Module 4: Statement of Purpose Essay, students have already verified that there e are four research studies published within the last five years that support the change, three of which a re empirical quantitative research studies and one of which is a qualitative research study. How do these ivied encased resources help you understand what is needed to update current practice? In this section of the essay, students describe how the information in these research studies can improve practice.

As with he Module 4: Statement of Purpose Essay, the literature review is to be succinct and concise. It is to include an introductory paragraph describing the literature review, one or two paragraphs to us memorize each research study, and a concluding paragraph to address how each study suggests improvement s to current practice. Please refer to the Module 4: Statement of Purpose Essay assignment to revisit the info urination on literature review. Anticipated Steps Evidence Based Practice Essay By Sandy-Mallow

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