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Evidence Survey In this task I have to produce a survey to gather information on public interest in fair- trade. I also have to produce a spreadsheet to analyses my results. I am also going to evidence all of my work that I will produce and show all of my steps during the task. For the first part in the task I created a questionnaire on fair-trade. I had to ask at least 15 adults my questionnaire and then analyses the data. The questionnaire I created I printed 15 copies of it to make the results more clear. After I have to create a spread sheet on the data I collected.

I was given 3 questions my questionnaire must have they were: 1. How important is it to buy fair trade products? 2. What was the main reason people don’t buy each type of fair trade product? 3. If we hold an event to promote one type of fair trade product, which type would you be most interested in? I then thought of some questions of my own they were: 1 . How often do you buy fair trade products? 2. If you had to choose between a fair trade product and a non-fair trade product which one would you choose? 3. Would you be willing to pay more money to buy a fair trade product? Does your local shop sell fair trade products? 5. Which one of these fair-trade products do you buy most often? This is the design of my fair trade questionnaire. I will now ask 15 adults to fill out my questionnaire. Creating the survey spread sheet Next I will start my spread sheet on the results I collected from my survey questionnaire. I created the spread sheet on Microsoft excel and had a blank spread sheet. The first thing I did was write out my nine questions on the spread sheet. This is some of the results.

After I wrote out the questions I formatted the cells and rapped and merged the text to make the cells go into a box shape. I also gave the questions a color; I chose the color pink because I think this color makes the black font stand out. Then next to each question I wrote 1-15 going along as that is how many adults answered my questionnaire. I did that for each of the nine questions to then create the drop down boxes for. To make a drop down box for the first question, first I had to write all of the possible answers away from the spread sheet.

Then after I did that I went on data validation and selected allow list, then chose the right source which evidence for e portfolio By monasteries correct question, after I transferred the data I have found from my questionnaire into the spread sheet. This is the first drop down box for question 1 Then I did this for the other eight questions and formatted them to have a border and changed the colors of them, I did this so it is easier to use and read this is my spread sheet. This is what it looks like after I created the drop down boxes and filled them in for all of the questions.

Next I had to find the percentages of the results I found for each question. For question 1 1 had to get a percentage for how many people said they were male or female I did this by first finding how many people said male and how many people said female. I found out the numbers by writing a sum. The sum was =council(range, criteria) E. G. The sum I did for male was: After I entered this sum it then came up with how many people are male. I then had to do this for female. Then I had to do this for each question to then make the percentages for them.

To make the percentages I had to divide by the how many people are male by how many people took the survey then press enter. It then came up with a decimal then I had to format the cell and change number to percentage so then I get a percentage for male. I then did the same for female for question 1. This is the results. I then did all of the percentages for each questions. This is what it looks like. I now have to create bar charts and pie charts for the questions I asked 15 adults.

I made pie charts for gender, age and how important it is to buy fair-trade. To make a pie chart I highlighted what I wanted to be inside the pie chart then clicked insert pie chart. I did that for the other two pie charts these are the results. Now I have to make a proposal report. In the proposal report I had to summaries the main findings of my survey, what type of event I will promote, who the event will be for, to explain the choice of my event and I am going to use my survey results to support my reasoning.

Feedback Your survey is really good. Your pie charts are good and they look quite professional. All of your information is well presented and well set out. Everything looks good and you have shown all of the steps to achieving what you have very well. To make your work better you could add some examples of the pie charts into this evidence document, this will show that you have understood and completed the task that has been set.

I am really pleased with the feedback I have received because there was only one thing I had to do to improve my work which was put some examples of the pie charts in my evidence document, so I have now added some examples in my In this task I found creating the spreadsheet quite easy. I found that creating the spreadsheet wasn’t that difficult as I have had previous experience with creating spreadsheets. Also I enjoyed creating the pie charts as they weren’t hard to make and I liked choosing all of the colors for them.

This Fair-trade survey spreadsheet task could have gone better if I added some more bright colors into my survey as some of the colors I have chosen are quite dull and boring. The problems I encountered in the spreadsheet task were mostly when I was creating the percentages because I found it hard remembering what the sums were for the percentages. To solve this I went on my class work from previous lessons and I read through it to remind me what the sums are for the percentages.

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