How was injustice seen during the holocaust? Should people in United States stand by and do nothing while someone is treated unjustly? * Injustice means to be unfair and Judge them based what someone else said or did. Injustice was seen during the holocaust a lot because Hitler was Judging the Jews based on another Jew. While others are treated unjustly United States should not be stand in the side. * During the holocaust the Jews were treated unjustly by the

Germans, Hitler was treating them as animals and was basing them only on some other Jews. It is seen in the novel “Night” that how the Jews were treated badly in the holocaust, a boy Elli Wishes explains how the dangerous and scary nights past. * When someone is treated unjustly United States should never stand behind because the same thing could happen to the Americans and if they don’t do anything now the Jews won’t say anything at that point. It is seen in the “what would you do? Video that he African American lady is treated unjustly and the other people don’t say anything, later on in life when a white lady would go to an African American store she will be driven out easily. * Overall, we learned that injustice is bad and it was seen in the holocaust. When someone is treated unjustly we should speak up. It all reminds me of the time when my friend transferred to another school and she got bullied Just because she was a Muslim and was the only Pakistani in school. Injustice By carloads

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