Injustice to a Kind Heart

Injustice to a Kind Heart When I look back at my life, I realize how grateful I am for the things I have and the people that are around me today. I see life a long road trip with twists and turns, but in the end we arrive exactly where we are supposed to be. Throughout my life there have been many ups and downs, and I have always made my choices accordingly. Now that I am on the verge of heading to college, it’s time for me to recognize what really matters in life. Family is my highest priority.

We may argue at times but when I’m feeling down or in a crucial situation, they are always there for me, and that is omitting I cannot expect from some of my friends. I was born in India, but my parents immediately moved to Michigan, in search of a better Job and future. Because of this, I was separated from my relatives in India. My family and I still have the opportunity to go see our relatives once a year during the summertime. These trips have been the most memorable experiences in my life.

Everyone in my family has something different about them, whether it’s my little cousin’s fascination of cars or my grandpa’s endless enjoyment of the television. But the person that stood out to me the most was my grandma. She has been a loving person all her life, and she never asked for anything in return for her good deeds. Dusk till dawn, she will constantly tend to others wants and needs, before she would even start doing things for herself. Growing up in struggling times, my grandma did not have the opportunity to receive a basic education, as it was frowned upon for a woman to be educated in her family.

She did the best she could to educate herself, reading as many books as she could get her hands on without her family noticing. Luckily, she married to my grandfather at a young age, and left the discouraging household that she used to call mom. My grandma and I had wonderful times together every time I had the chance to visit her. She would cook my favorite foods including her best dish, Spicy Chicken. At the beginning of last year, my parents told me that my grandmother fell ill and was diagnosed of tuberculosis.

I was in the impression that this disease had been completely eradicated in the United States, so I was shocked when I heard that my grandma had fallen victim to it. As she started to recover from the TAB treatment, she had a stroke due to her high blood pressure and lost most of her vision abilities. This al happened in a matter of a few months, and I could not digest the fact that my grandma has dropped 50 pounds, became bed-ridden and now needs the help of everyone around her.

The entire time after this incident, I started to rethink the meaning of life. School life was not the same, and when my friends asked me why I was feeling down, I would tell them that nothing was going on. Some of my best friends knew I was depressed, so I told them what was really going on. My social life was non-existent during this time and I was Just focused on school and worrying about the condition of my grandma. The fact that she was the picture of health Just three months ago doesn’t make any sense.

It confused me that something so terrible could have happened to someone who was nothing but kind to others. She is the strongest woman I know, and I am positive that she will power through her condition. Why do bad things happen to good people? That was the only question that ran By Assures It showed me that hope actually means something, and enough of it can change anything. I know what really matters in life. It’s not material goods or popularity status, it is the ability to believe in something and never give up, no matter the circumstances.

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