Injustices: God and Younger Sister

Social injustices are part of our lives. It does not only affect one’s life but it affects the society or the people. Coned was the mastermind in killing the father of Mann because Mann had the video showing that Coned is really connected with the famous drug lord syndicate. But in the end, he was not arrested because of his money and he has a lot of connections. I believe that it is social injustice because it does not only affect the life of Mann but also the life of his younger sister, his grandmother, his friend and relatives.

It is social injustice because Coned should be arrested and he should pay all of what he did to the father of Mann. The father of Mann is not only a toy that can be treated like that, he is also a human that should respect and he also needs a Justice. Justice that will make change not only to the life of Mann but also in the life of his younger sister, grandmother, friend and relatives. This injustice continually happens because of people who have more money, power and connection and because of the ignorance of the poor people.

This also happens cause of lost of trust of people to the different official, attorney and Judge. People who had more powers and money will always be on the top or they will always have the Judge side. In reality here in the Philippines if you don’t have that money and power, Justice denied and Justice delayed. For poor people, Justice only appears for those who had money and power. For them Justice don’t really exist, it only exist for those people who are capable of having good attorneys or lawyer that will really fight for them no matter what happens.

For people who can’t afford to have good attorney, hey Just wait until the verdict will came and they expected that they lose over the people who have more power, money and has a connections. For them no matter what will be the verdict if they know that they are in the right path or they are not guilty it is k for them because in the God will always have the last Judgment. I believe when Coned was not arrested because he was a corrupt official, he was connected with the different syndicates and drug lords; it is also a social injustice.

He should be arrested of what he did to the government. Coned should be a role model or his fellow countrymen but he didn’t do the right thing. He should be the one who care, help and give an appropriate Job to his countrymen but Coned didn’t do it. He just only cares for his money and power. He Just wanted to gain more power and money. I believe that situation was social injustice because it affects the life of his fellow countrymen; the different life of innocent people. Different people who don’t really know who is the right person that they should vote and trust for the next election.

This injustice happens continually because of people who are too much reed of money, power and connections and people who have no contentment in their lives. People now a days think that people who have more money will have more power so because of this our official continually corrupt to gain more power and money. Being a student I believe that people here in the Philippines we should really be familiar with or distinguished who they will vote for the next election. They should not be carried away by the luxurious, gorgeous or expensive poster, tarpaulins and banners of the different candidates.

People should not be carried way by the different Jingles or different propaganda of different candidates. We Injustices: God and Younger Sister By localized deserves for that position, if that official really have the passion toward that Job and if that official really the whole heart in serving his fellow countrymen and he can sustain his words towards his people. Governor Lawsuits is another corrupt official and she is also an official who is connected with human trafficking. Governor Lawsuits was one of the most influential people in the movie.

She was not arrested in the end even Hough she is one of the most corrupt officials. She used other people for her ambition and for her money and power. Because Governor Lawsuits was not arrested the life of Mann was endangered. It affects not only the life of Mann but also the life of his friends, Erectile, his grandmother and his younger sister. This injustice continually happens because of the greediness of our own officials. This also happens because of our officials wanted that they should always on the top.

They wanted to have more money and to gain more power. They don’t want that there old be a threat in their position. They wanted that no one will oppose them. They wanted to become richer while their fellow countrymen are having problems, how to have an appropriate Job. While they are having luxurious and expensive cars and houses, their countrymen are Just contented with their “Barron-Barron” house or nip hut. I believe that it is social injustice because Governor Lawsuits was not arrested even though she is corrupt and she is connected with human trafficking.

Because of Governor Lawsuits was not arrested Mann need to hide from her not only for his safety UT also for his younger sister and grandmother. Now a days this really happen, especially when it is in the middle or end of election period. We people of the Philippines should really choose the best official because it can change our lives and the rest of the history. It will not affect us today’s but also the next generation. The next leader will not like Governor Lawsuits or Coned. Having a good leader does not only have always the good look nor it should always have the good attitude toward his fellow countrymen and to our one and only God.

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