Criminal Justice Our world today is filled with crime. Therefore, the people committing these crimes must have a consequence for their illegal actions. The system in place to keeping everything fair and safe is called the criminal Justice system. Like in any other career it has its pros and cons, starting with the good pay, the long hours, and the high demand with multiple favorable benefits. The first good thing about criminal Justice degree is its good pay.

Some people do argue that no money is worth the danger present in the Job. But the point is still that the pay and benefits are really good relatively compared with the amount of education required. Fort Lauderdale is one of the highest paying metropolitan areas for those who work in criminal Justice. Those who work in Fort Lauderdale in a criminal Justice position earn approximately $72,1 50 annually. Most entry Job positions in criminal Justice require only a high school diploma or equivalent, and it is possible to rise high in rank with just a bachelor’s degree.

The second great thing about Criminal Justice careers are the increase in demand year after year. As the population grows, society needs more security officers, investigators and police to ensure public safety. Students of criminal Justice typically see high Job placement rates in all regions. A research here in Florida has been done and it was concluded that the highest demand Jobs in the criminal Justice area are Patrol Officer such as (Police officers, Sheriffs Deputy, State

Trooper), Paralegals / Legal Assistants, which work in law firms or with public defenders, researching cases, helping prepare cases and investigate claims. Also Probation, Community Control, Correctional Treatment Specialist. A bad aspect of the criminal Justice career is, the long hours that sometimes have to be endured, and this is very accurate for corrections officers, police officers, deputies and special agents. These professionals usually work rotating, 12-hour shifts. Not including the mime necessary to compile reports of incidents that happened throughout the work day.

The fact is that a career in criminal Justice can be both rewarding and difficult. It’s very important that when choosing the field in criminal Justice you consider all the difficulties it comes with it, not only at work but also with the stress it may bring in the home lives, as being frequently away from home for long periods of time and loved ones often worry about the dangers in the Job, Like being gun pointed y a criminal, or being exposed to diseases when trying to help a person who has Just been shot.

None of the less criminal Justice has grown to offer a tremendous number of career options offering exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. With new advances in forensic technology, those interested in working in the field can find plenty of Jobs in the courts, corrections or law enforcement systems. The hardest part about finding a Job in criminal Justice is figuring out which career path is best. Justice By amass

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