Justice for the Poors

Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on law, rationality, ethics, rationality, natural law, equity or religion. It is also the act of being fair and Just. The question is how many are following the path of Justice. We live in a materialistic world, where ethics, laws and order etc. Are less cared about. Everything can be purchased with money even love and respect. People are generally measure others on the scale of richness, the more rich a person is the more will be his love and respect in the society and vice-versa. In a country well governed, poverty is something to be shamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of”- Confucius. People with lack of money suffers everywhere, they not only struggle for their survival but also find it hard to earn respect in the society. Being poor is a curse, people with no money end up doing low paid Jobs with no bright future. We can see examples of many domestic works who works hard day and night in the same household throughout their life. Money can buy anything such as Joy, freedom, respect and even Justice.

The culture of bribe is prevalent everywhere, if you have money in your pocket you can get any work done. High officials are bribed in cash or kind, which makes rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. The idea of honesty and hard-work can hardly make a person rich. How can a poor even dream of changing his financial status. More than half of his day is wasted in doing lower level and low paid Jobs. Next even if he tries to find new work or start a business he has no capital or money to bribe higher officials. There is need to change the system of bribe and unjust.

Justice must reach the poor. Everyone has equal rights for justice, but the problem is many times poor are uneducated are unaware about the injustice happening with them. They work on lower wages and feel grateful to their masters, unaware of the fact that their masters are the one exploiting them. Imagine a country where all citizens are aware of their rights, and work only at those places where they are paid fairly. No one will be able to mold law and order for their selfish interest and have to pay fairly and treat their workers fairly in order to get the work done.

Heaven will fall on earth if every citizen no matter rich or poor follow rules and exultation of the country and treat others with love and respect. Justice can only take place if we can increase the dignity of labor and get rid of the unethical practices like bribe. We are the one responsible for our world. Change from us can ultimately change our society for better. Pay fairly to your workers at home and office, treat them with respect. It is only because of their hard work we lead a peaceful life. Educate them about their rights. Even encourage your kids to treat them nicely. Justice for the Poor By metathesis

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