Justice In Medieval Times

During the medieval times, there were several important social virtues amongst the people, not only were they important but they also made sense and could fit together relating it to the context and setting. For example, one’s position in the social class pyramid is inherited from their family and rising against it was a shameful sin at the time.

So, the less powerful people in the community were obliged to obey their superiors Justified by their religion. Accepting such things was difficult and overwhelming for a major portion of the people which led to another important value that connects, liberty. Even though this might have resulted in rebellions it was still a significant value at the time because it demonstrated the power of will in some people and their desire to gain independence along with a better life in a different social class in the hierarchy.

What “Justice” might have meant at the time was based on their social station, the Church, which was looked to for any unsolved problems or to seek help for a different person. Whatever the Church thought was right, was right due to its authority. Justice In Medieval Times By Mohammedanizes

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