Justice Is Not Blind

Every day people are convicted of crimes they did not commit. It has been a long time since the trials of the Scooter Boys or George Whiter, but our Justice system has not changed. People of foreign race and lower social status receive different treatment in the Justice system. These victims are often wrongfully accused, or even abused by the ones paid to protect them. The United States Justice system gives unfair treatment and trials to our poor and minor races.

George Whiter was a poor black man who was manipulated into signing a false confession. George was never taught how to read or write. How did he know what he was signing? Intense interrogations and manipulative lawyers/investigators trick people into signing their lives away. Whiter was young, and like many who have falsely confessed, he was tricked to believe it would be a way out of this terrible situation. Interrogators tire you and expose false information to get what they want out of you.

They are so good at what they do that they can pick up a poor man or minority off the street and get a confession out of them. When a crime is committed all our Justice system wants is to lock someone up for it, and please the public, often pinned are minorities and poor men, because they fit the publics perception of the common “criminal”. In Phoenix Arizona, a black man was beaten to death by several police officers. The officers said that the man was showing a threat to them, but in the video you see no more than a flinch from him before he was beaten down.

Charles Easter, Scott Nowhere, and Brian Cesareans are three of many black men killed by police and/or guards in Jail. (Wisped) Since Sheriff Joey’s term began, Mauricio County has paid over $43 million in lawsuits to families of people killed or injured in Jail custody. A majority of these people were black or Hispanic men. Arizona is not the only place that this occurs. Police brutality against minorities is a huge problem all over the country.

The police know that the courts will be in favor of one of their officers against a black man, so they assume they can get away with it, and many times they do. Not only are minorities convicted due to false confessions, people also falsely testify against them. In a time of great racial discrimination when two girls are found having sex with black men, they accused the men of raping them to avoid a bad reputation. These women didn’t care about the nine men they put in prison. When their reputation flashed before their eyes, the ladies knew everyone would believe them over nine black men.

False testimonies are not uncommon on today’s society. Eventually these targeted blacks may find a way to prove their innocence, but by that time they will have already spent years in Jail and/or prison and their lives ruined by Justice Is Not Blind By t]Dougherty America has a long history of racial discrimination. This history is still in the making. This problem remains most prevalent in our Justice system, treating and trying those of the minority or poverty lesser than that of white skin or wealth.

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