Life Is a Search for Justice AP Literature Work hard. Be nice. Justice is the quality of being Just or righteous; fair. This means that one can make an unbiased decision regardless of gender, race, or any other characteristic. In a novel by William Story, a father tells his son that “life is a search for Justice. ” He means that people spend their lives trying to figure out what’s fair and how to receive justness. In Romeo and Juliet, the main characters, Romeo and Juliet, try to get Justice from their families.

The world revolves around people’s search for equity. Today, people constantly fight for what they believe to be morally right. For example, same-sex couples believe that they should have the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples. However, the quest for Justice began ages ago. In the play Romeo and Juliet, the two teens’ families are enemies, so they don’t want to interact with one another. Romeo and Juliet feel that this unfair because they love each other and that their families’ disputes shouldn’t have an effect on their relationship.

Because their parents won’t allow them to date, the teens begin to rebel against their wishes and continue their courtship. As the play continues, they make decisions that draw the attention of their parents. Because Gullet’s father doesn’t want her to marry Romeo, he suggests she marry another townsman, Paris. To get rid of the tension that was created earlier, Juliet agrees to her father’s request. Though she says yes, she doesn’t want to actually marry Paris. To miss the wedding, she intentionally drinks a sleeping potion. Before ringing it, she says, “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo!

Here’s drink – I to thee. ” Juliet can’t verbally disagree with her, but to get back at him, she drinks a potion so she won’t have to marry Paris. She can’t possibly attend her wedding if she’s asleep. Romeo and Juliet understand that they can’t wed, but they believe that it’s unreasonable. They think that they should be able to get married simply because they love each other. When their reasoning isn’t enough to persuade their parents, they take their own actions. After Juliet takes the potion and the nurse isn’t able to waken her, Romeo kills himself because he thinks she’s dead.

In the end, both of the teens end up dying. To Romeo and Juliet, Justice means that they’re able to get married despite their families’ differences. Because the story ends with death, the search for Justice is unsuccessful; they don’t get a chance to Join in marriage. The search for Justice was significant to the entire play because throughout each scene, Romeo and Juliet try to persuade their parents into letting them get married. The play focuses on the two fighting for what they believe in, marriage.

The turning point f the play is when they don’t actually get what they want because they die. In addition to Romeo and Juliet, Prince Callus seeks Justice for Table. Romeo murders Table, and must receive a punishment. Prince Callus says, “And for that offence Immediately we do exile him hence. ” The prince feels that the punishing Romeo is what’s right. Had he let Romeo get away with murder, the townspeople would either Romeo kills himself, the prince’s search for Justice is still successful because he wants Romeo gone from Verona and Romeo Just so happens to leave by committing suicide.

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