Juvenile Justice Research Paper Carbo

A rehabilitative center doesn’t mean they are not being punished but it means they are Ewing taught properly on how to act in society and they are still getting an education whereas in an adult prison they are surrounded by bad influences and not getting to finish their education. Juveniles are subjected to physical, emotional, and mental abuse when they are placed in adult Jails. Juveniles tried as adults may not be able to stand trial due to the fact that they are emotionally or intellectually unable to contribute to their own defense (Gregorian).

So therefore if youths are not able to stand trial due to the fact they are either not intellectually or emotionally stable then hey won’t be emotionally ready to live in an adult prison and function properly. Youths held in adult prisons are eight times more likely to be sexually assaulted, twice as likely to be beaten by staff members and fifty percent more likely to be assaulted with a weapon than youth in Juvenile facilities (McCrea). This may not happen to all Juveniles but it happens to enough that that they are able to have statistics on it.

Leaving off with that in mind Juveniles are still young and that can cause emotional harm as well as physical which people say shouldn’t happen to hillier, so that creates a double standard saying it should it happen too Juvenile that never had the chance to try again, to make things right. In studies of Juvenile’s brains researchers have come to the conclusion that Juvenile’s brains have the capacity to learn and function properly that of a mentally ill adult (Gregorian). Juveniles brains don’t work well enough yet for them to function properly, however when they grow older their brains will mature as well as them as a person. Reformers acknowledged that minors and adults had different rehabilitative needs ND that before a certain age offenders are sufficiently impressionable that they can be “corrected” and safely reinserted into society. Juvenile detention centers were thus developed to place an emphasis on good behavior, instilling discipline, completing education, and reinsertion” (McCrea). A rehabilitative center doesn’t mean the Juvenile isn’t being punished for the crime they have committed but it means they get to learn what’s right and they get new chance at life.

Juveniles will also get to finish off their education if they are placed in a rehabilitative center for venires. If a Juvenile is sent to an adult Jail, yes they still do have a rehabilitative center they can go to but it does not have the resources that would work sufficiently to cater to a Juveniles needs, because Juveniles and adults have different learning Juvenile Justice Research Paper Carbon By apply 432 parts of the frontal lobes that inhabit reckless actions, restructure themselves with startling speed in the teen years.

Given this delicate – and drastic – reshaping of the brains, teens need all the help they can get to steer their development onto the right path”(Thompson). Minors by definition are people under the age of full legal responsibility. Society recognizes that minors aren’t capable of knowing right from wrong but they say if a minor does an adult crime they should receive a punishment that of which an adult would receive. Society denies minors the right to vote, drink, independently sign legal contracts, run for office, adopt children, buy property, and so forth.

It recognizes that their grasp of right and wrong is not fully developed for most of their minority, and thus establishes 18 as the age that they are fully legally responsible for their choices. Trying minors therefore represents a double standard in the legal system: a 15 year-old isn’t smart enough to know if he should buy cigarettes or not but is of sound adult mind when shooting a gun in the midst of an argument (McCrea).

So if a minor isn’t smart enough to fully grasp right or wrong for most of their minority it makes no sense to charge them as adults like they are able to fully grasp it when it is clearly recognizable that they can’t. Understanding that Juveniles are being considered for life without parole because of their crime does not make it Just or morally okay. If anything they should be put in a rehabilitative center where they can be helped properly and placed into society again.

People argue that putting a Juvenile in a rehabilitative center allows them a chance to get out and gives them another chance to kill again but that if ever, rarely happens. Rehabilitative centers make sure that the patient is properly helped before placing them back into society. “If a violent crime is committed, Justice needs to be served no matter who the criminal – but “Justice” means a proportional and appropriate punishment for the person who committed the crime” (McCrea).

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