Law: A Study of the Courts

Indian’s constitution follows quite closely to our U. S constitution. In Indiana our criminal courts consist of Court response, Law Enforcement agencies involved, Lawyers, corrections, and the public. Those involved in Court personnel include the Judge; who directs the court, decides what is admissible and inadmissible, makes sure all laws are followed, but most importantly share their power with those also in the courtroom work group.

Others included in the Court personnel are the Law clerk who does majority of the research for the Judge, Clerk of the court who keeps records, Court reporter who records the proceedings within the court, secretary which helps the Judge keep on schedule, translator which translates other languages to English, Court administrator does all administrative work within the court, and the Docket clerk prepares files, gives documents to attorneys and Judges, and maintains computer records.

The Law enforcement agencies involved are those that arrive at the crime and/or do investigating for the crime. Those involved in the courtroom are the Security staff which protects court house, Sheriffs deputies which make sure prisoners are transported safely to and from the courthouse. Lastly is the Bailiff which enforces order in the court when the Judge isn’t respected and also handles all if any evidence. The Lawyers in the courtroom consist of the Prosecutor, who works for the state in order to prosecute criminal cases.

In some cases when a defendant can’t afford an attorney one is appoint to them called the Public defender. Then those who can afford an attorney get a Private Defense attorney to represent their case. Those involved in the corrections of the courthouse are the Probation Officer, who insists defendants for probation and make sure they are complying with the rules of the arbitration. Then there are Representatives for the Diversion program which help get defendants into drug rehabilitation and anger management classes while also checking up on their progress in the programs.

There is also a Representative for Pretrial Services which deals with handling the release of pretrial detainees. The Public that are involved in the Courtroom are the Bail Agent, Reporter, Defendant, Victim, Witness(s), Jurors, Child Advocates, Court watchers, and Victim assistance. All of these actors are important but the keys ones that you typically deal tit are the Jurors, Bail agents, Defendant, Victim, witnesses, and victim assistance. Law: A Study of the Courts By backstroking guilty. Bail agents make sure that a defendant is secure for pretrial release.

The Defendant is the accused and the Victim is the one who has suffered some kind of loss. The victim assistant is one who helps the victim understand how case is going, willing to make treatment better for victim or witnesses. I would also like to address a recommendation for you to consider making non- violent crimes as infractions instead of putting more people in Jails and prisons. By making non-violent crimes into only infractions majority of the crimes would increase revenue to state and cities.

By increasing revenue to state and cities, allows for fewer taxes from citizens. This could possibly open the way for more cases to go to trial or be solved since less criminals be tried in court. Also by not imprisoning non-violent criminals allows for less money to be spent on housing them in state facilities, with the possibility of making these facilities less useful if majority of the criminals Just pay infraction. Those who don’t pay for infractions then can deal with the criminal justice system.

This can be implemented by proposing a bill to Indiana Congress and getting it passed by Indiana Congress if enough votes allow it. Once this bill is implemented Officers can enforce this creating the revenue for the state. In order to make this recommendation fully considered you should talk to Lawyers and Judges because they are the ones that would be less involved once the bill is passed. This bill would ultimately make only the majority of the crimes to go to trail violent or civil.

By you being the Governor you have to power to select your own personnel. The personnel could be those who favor this recommendation, therefore making it more likeable. If personnel don’t agree with the recommendations, you have the power to disagree with what they like in order to come to an agreement to make the recommendation to go into full affect. In future elections we could favor select personnel who are tough on crime but reasonable. Select those who have similarities and some differences with you.

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