Property Offences

Oxford v Moss – exam questions = not
Williams – bank balances = prop
Yearworth – sperm etc = prop
Smith – can steal illegal property drugs
Morris – changing labels = approp
Hinks – stupid man can be appropriation with consent
Lawrence – taxi Italian
Gomez – cheques bouncing
of Another
Ricketts v Basildon – charity bags = another’s
Turner 2 – D’s own car from garage = another’s
AG 1/’85 – brewery keep trusts out of it
Wain – charity money is charity’s
Ghosh – reasonable person dishonest and D realises dishonest
Permanently deprive
Velumly – particular fungible
Mitchell – abandoning getaway car not perm
Chan-Man Sin – forged cheques means treating account as own
Clouden – force on object suffices
R v DPP – fear = ’cause to apprehend’ not fear
Walkington – behind till = implied boundary
Collins – need to know that you are trespassing
Jones and Smith – beyond ambit of permission = trespass
Fraud Act 2006
SPENCER – simple and causing no problems
OMEROD – it’s awful and vague
Criminal Damage 1971
Hunt – arson to test fire alarms, needs to objectively capable of protecting
Keller – beheaded Thatcher statue to protect from globalism, fuck off
OMEROD – overbroad offence based on poorly defined ‘dishonesty’ and makes no more efficient. Prosecutors need controlling now. Market vendors included
GARDENER – vendors may still have defence of honesty and causation because statements may not have direct effect on sale.
GLAZEBROOK – consent shouldn’t effect theft if it is clearly dishonest. Fuck civil law

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