Role of Justice in the Merchant of Venice

Role of Justice in Count of Monte Crisis and the Merchant of Venice The Role of Justice Justice, as defined by the American Oxford Dictionary, is the quality of being fair and reasonable. The role of Justice is to maintain peace and harmony in a society by making sure that virtuousness is outshining maliciousness. This role is often upheld by one of a higher authority who acts as a Judge and gives an impartial analysis of a certain situation, then therein decides who is right and wrong, giving out rewards ND penalties accordingly.

In our society, we rely on magistrates to uphold the role of justice by charging those who have committed criminal offenses with the sentences they deserve. However at certain points in time, the role of Justice can’t be only maintained by those in power and would require those who are seemingly less significant in society to step up and take their place to exhibit the role of Justice as our authorities may be swayed by their own selfish desires, causing their Judgment to be partisan. An example of this could be found in the famous book written by Alexander Dumas, The Count of Monte Crisis.

At the beginning of the book, Edmond Dana©s, a naive young man, was accused of treason by preparing to deliver a note from Napoleon to a Bonaparte. He was brought to the chief magistrate of the region, G©award De Violator, for questioning. After the questioning, the chief magistrate realized how oblivious Edmond is towards the note and offered to allow Edmond to go freely. However, Edmond unwittingly revealed the name of the Bonaparte he was opposed to deliver the note to as Violator’s father and was sent to Chateau dif by Violator in fear that Edmond would reveal this information to another and affect his career.

Thus, Edmond spent 14 years of his life suffering in the Chateau dif without the role of Justice being fulfilled. Therefore after Edmond escaped, he stepped up and took on the role of Justice by using the money and riches he found from the Island of Monte Crisis and bought the title of the Count. Using the title “the Count of Monte Crisis”, he brought each and every one of the vindictive plans of those who armed him into the light, and they each received their rightful punishment.

As one can see from the above example, there are times when one must stand up for another and fulfill the role of Justice or another innocent person will suffer because of the egocentric decisions made by a selfish person. The role of Justice is important to maintain balance and amity within a society. A person upholding the role of Justice may save a person from losing his or her innocence, as Edmond Dana©s would have been able to remain kindhearted and free from vengeful thoughts if someone would eve interfered with these malicious plans and demonstrated Justice by exposing them all in the light.

However, the role of Justice being taken up by another in order to establish peace and unity is not only seen in The Count of Monte Crisis, but also seen in another famous literary work by William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Role of Justice in the Merchant of Venice By floral that of The Merchant of Venice, as in both stories, a character who was wronged attempted to take up the role of Justice himself and strives to get back the honor that hey deserved. In The Merchant of Venice, Justice was not served for Shylock, who was a Jew.

Because he was a Jew, he was often discriminated against by the Venetians for he was not a Christian and they disapproved of him charging interest when lending money to others. They thought him as mercenary and would never miss an opportunity to make fun of him. As a result, Shylock decided to take up the role of Justice himself and had Antonio, a respected Venetian merchant who disparaged him many times, bound to a bond requiring Antonio to give Shylock a mound of his flesh, implying his heart, if Antonio was unable to pay back the bond on time.

In The Count of Monte Crisis, Edmond attempted to take up the role of Justice by buying the title as a count and punishing those who wronged him by exposing their vileness to the world and each served his consequence for acting the way he did. Although Edmond succeeded and Shylock failed, they both attempted to uphold the role of Justice with their bare hands in order to establish equality and harmony within their society.

From these two literary works, we can see that at times, the role f Justice, which is supposed to be upheld by those of the higher authorities, may sometimes be needed to be taken up by the smaller figures of society as those in power may be blindsided by their own selfish desires and fail to see the importance of being nonpartisan. When the time comes and we witness an event in which the role of Justice is not being fulfilled, I hope we may be able to Join hands and go against all odds in order to maintain it, as it is extremely important in maintaining a rapport and harmonious community.

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