Social Injustice

Social Justice is when the availability of certain provisions, amenities, manumissions, and entitlements are obtainable to all people within the general public. When social justice is practiced within a nation, race, religion, or gender is not an issue in others attaining merited rights. We experience social Justice in our lives by having rights to proper edification and health coverage. We also have the right to a voice in laws and politics. Social injustice is when the availability of certain services, resources, and privileges are not obtainable to all people within the general public.

We experience social injustice in our lives when we are deprived of rights based on disabilities, gender, religion, and race. In the story The Crucible social injustice is displayed in the fact that people are deprived of their rights to a fair trial, the right to be secure in their homes, and probable cause for arrest by officials. The true cause for the Salem Witch Trials is that people let their fears and other things unknown to them get the best of them. One theory that proves this is the Native American War.

The Puritans knew nothing of the culture, religion, or customs of the Indians. Because of this this the Puritans thought that every piece of land or object associated with the Indians was evil. They even felt that other Europeans who helped the Indians were evil. They truly feared these things so much that, they planted so many false supernatural beliefs in their minds. This fear and other ideas began to grow and spread to other people. These facts of social injustice from the story relate to a moment in history known as the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was the systematized, official, government promoted, martyr and slaying of over six million Jewish people by the hands of the Nazis. The Holocaust occurred because of the extreme anti-Semitism of Doll Hitler. He showed aversion and bigotry towards the Jewish people, and he placed the blame of the economic issues upon them. The Nazis had the myopic belief that the German ethnicity was superior to any other race. They also felt that the Jewish were a menace to the people of the German ethnic origin populace.

Led by their insular ways, the Nazis committed social injustice upon the Jewish. The Nazis took away the right for the Jewish to be secure in their homes and they wrongfully arrested people who practiced Judaism. The Jewish were also not given the same rights as other people. For example, while the rest of the population were living comfortably in their homes, the Jewish were sent to concentration camps. In these camps the Jewish were exposed to many fatal diseases and terrible conditions.

The emotions that drove the Nazis to do these heinous things was fear of overall Jewish control, and insecurity of not being “the perfect race”, which was considered to be blonde hair and blue eyes. The Holocaust was not only an example of social injustice, but of simple diffidence that relates to an issue today known as bullying. Bullying is a current social injustice issue that is faced by many people today. Bullying is the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate another person. People can be bullied because of their race, religion, sexuality, and gender.

This is considered to be a type of social injustice because of the fact that someone is being persecuted without cause. Bullying can causes negative things such as self harm, despondency, social isolation, and suicide. People bully others because they are victimized by their families or others. They put their burdensome anger and tension from their lives away from school upon people hat are not involved with their problems. Emotions that drive this behavior are power, which the bully feels when they isolate someone, and sadness because they are constantly brought down by others.

This type of injustice is harmful both to the bully and the victim. There have been many measures taken to stop this form of social injustice and many others forms of social injustice alike. People can work together to stop social injustice. For example, when we notice that someone is being bullied we can speak up for the victim and tell the bully to stop. We can also tell money if a situation of bullying gets too violent. If a situation occurs when a group of people are being targeted, they can come together to speak up for their rights.

They can also turn to their government to propose new amendments or laws. In the Crucible the group of accused people were isolated from their society, and did not have the option of Turing to their government. Their government isolated them based off of false allegations. In situations such as the one in The Crucible and in the real life situation of bullying there can also be measure taken to make sure that all people get treated equally. In the Crucible, the accused could have been able to have a fair trial with a lawyer.

In this situation people who had any power should have helped the accused. And in a situation of bullying, the victim could be allowed to tell someone about being harassed and the bully can get the proper punishment. In short if people would strive to make things equal and ensure fairness for everyone people could live among each other in a society. It would not matter about race or religion. When unfairness is happening people can turn to the law or the overspent, they can report abuses and wrong doings, and people can stand up for others who are defenseless.

These things could have been done to handle the Holocaust and the issue of today called bullying. The Holocaust and bullying are examples of social injustices in which people are isolated from society, or deprived of certain provisions, amenities, manumissions, and entitlements only ensured to a certain amount of the population. When people and government have a voice and when people help others, we all can live in a free world that is not plagued with injustices that can separate and hurt everyone.

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