Social injustice poem

I sit and look out upon the empty green and brown bottles that lie by my bare feet. I hear the slurred arguments through cracked doors. I see a daughter buried in her blankets and pillows trying to drown out the sounds. I notice a small gleam of hope in his single drunken tear. I see her make up smeared against the pillow as her body drapes over the bed. I observe the children playing, avoiding their hunger. When is mommy going to wake up?

I study the other men and women leaving the bar, waiting. I Judge because I have no one else to help me decipher a better life. I am Judged because I am a loving older sister to my twin baby sisters. I taste the chicken flavored broth of Ramee another night. I smell the sour stench of liquor seeped into the carpet. I see what I have seen, and I choose to keep on watching. See, hear, and yet am invisible. Social injustice poem By sulkies 1 By Small Turner

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