Social justice

I personally identify more with the modern definition of social Justice because I believe that Justice does exist as an obtainable, achievable goal for all when the right tools and opportunities are available to everyone. I believe it is important to promote the common good, not only to groups but to all of humanity. In a modern society there would be an equal distribution of resources and encouraging people to strive for self-determination so that they can have a say in their own fate and take the appropriate course of action to help themselves or be helped by others.

I believe hat it is also important for individuals to have a relationship with others where they can share a mutual dependence. This promotes social Justice because there is a feel of community and people are more inclined to make ones problem their own thus concerned with assisting in solving the overall issues. I believe that this supports the liberal philosophical approach which is most congruent with my views. Liberalism focuses on the wellbeing of a society and not Just individual people. The liberal view of Justice is what generates the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

I live that this is what is most important. I believe that the most amount of benefits should be provided to the disadvantaged while still trying to promote social Justice for the most amount of people. Liberalism also promotes equality. The liberalism approach focuses on distributive Justice and fairly distributes economic goods and services as well as access to opportunity, power, and self- respect. I also agree with the approaches desire to maximize the welfare of the least well off instead of the extreme wealthy who do not contribute anything to the poor. Social justice By rosebuds 105

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