Social Justice Essay: Glory Fields

For some, when they see someone of a race they have pre assumptions about, they may switch to the other side of the street or walk the other way to try and avoid them, without realizing what they have done or understanding their fear. The shooting of Jose Garner-rotor, Amanda Dialog, and Tom Robinson can be studied to somewhat validate Gladden’s theory. All of the victims in this shooting die by getting shot from an authority figure and for Garner and Dialog, they weren’t doing anything wrong.

Also, all of them happened to be from a race other than white, all are men, and Garner and Dialogs shootings happened in a crime connected lace. For Dialog and Garner, they were pre-accused for a crime they didn’t commit, and then shot by the law enforcement because of their mistakes. Dialogs shooting somewhat explains Gladden’s theory because he was in a highly crime connected area, and has dark skin, once he was seen by the law enforcement he was instantly considered a suspicious person. What happened to Amanda Dialog somewhat supports what Caldwell says in his book about prejudices and making quick decisions.

In Dialogs shooting, however, the race of Dialog doesn’t play as big of a part n the shooting as location might have been the main cause. Amanda was forced to make quick decisions based on what he thought was about to happen to him. His first decision he made quickly without thinking of the consequences by going outside late at night to take in the night, and then when he sees the dark figures coming towards him; his next decision was mostly based on fear by reaching into his pocket to grab his wallet thinking the people were going to want his money.

The decisions made by the shooters of Dialog also had to do with where they were and what they were rearing. The shooters were described to be wearing Jackets and hats, not the usual police clothing, which was their first bad decision. Their second bad decision which mostly led to the shooting was them assuming too soon that Dialog was up to no good because of where they were; it was also made in too much of a hurry, the cops should have slowed down, announced that they were cops, and this whole story could have possibly been avoided.

What the shooters did, even if by accident, is not understandable enough so that these shooters don’t get serious consequences cause they shot too soon ending someone’s life in the process. What happened to Jose Garner-rotor doesn’t support what Caldwell writes because the fact that Jose Social Justice Essay: Glory Fields By cheetah’s decisions were made in a hurry when he decided to try and go get his gun to protect his family when he thought they were under attack. The swat team’s first mistake was thinking the he was involved in drug trafficking and obtaining a search warrant for his home even though he was innocent.

Their second mistake was assuming he was involved in drugs because he was in the military and he was previously arrested for the possession of weapons and drugs. Their final decision was made in a hurry and misguided when they thought that one of the swat team members had been shot but he had only slipped on a step. Consequently they unloaded 71 rounds of gunshots and hitting his body with 22 bullets. The swat teams actions are not Justifiable however there is a certain degree of understanding. When going out for an arrest many may feel adrenaline and are ready to fend off any one that may put them in arms way.

Therefore, it’s understandable that they thought the worst case scenario was unfolding when in reality Jose Garner-rotor was innocent. What happened to Tom Robinson doesn’t support what Caldwell writes because Tom Robinson was in the wrong when he was shot and had nothing to do with his race. Tom Robinsons first bad decision was when he started to run to the fence and climbing over. His next bad decision was to continue hopping over the fence even when the guards fired warning shots into the air.

Finally when he didn’t listen he was riddled with 17 lets. The guards decisions were purely based off of Tom Robinsons actions and they were only doing what their Job required of them. This scenario is completely understandable and Justifiable. In summary, most of the actions made in times of stress by the law enforcement officers were unjustified, but understandable at the same time. The Street Crime Unit in Dialogs case’s actions were uncontrollable by the officers because of their presumptions about his race and the neighborhood they were in.

In Guesser’s case, the SWAT team’s anticipation to shoot was based on infusion and their assumptions about many soldiers getting into drugs when they come out of the military and his previous arrests. Tom Robinsons death, however, wasn’t any of the prison guards fault because Robinson put himself in harm’s way, and the guards even gave him warning shots before shooting. Gladden’s theory that people can’t help their subconscious biases in times of stress is very valid, and applies to Guesser’s and Dialogs shootings because of the law enforcements quick decisions based on presumptions.

Because of these presumptions, it makes society ability to move towards fair treatment for everyone, very hard. Some act differently towards others of another race because their culture or actions may be very different from theirs; their previous experiences with those people could play a factor, or possibly even that they saw some murders happen in bad parts of town and it makes them afraid. Prejudices, unfortunately, might be a disease that no one has found a cure for, or even taken steps to get rid of it because they are still covering it up and pretending that it is non existent.

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