Supreme Court Case: New Jersey

The supreme court case New Jersey vs.. TOOL was fundamental in clarifying the application of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The fourth amendment protects citizens and their belongings against “unreasonable searches a ND seizures” (law. Cornell. Deed). In 1985, unnamed female student publicly known as TOOL was caught smoking with a friend in a designated non smoking bathroom at Piscataway High School in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

While the other student confessed, TOOL denied deed allegations that she had ever smoked. A vice principal then searched Tool’s purse and found “rolling papers, a pipe, marijuana, a large wad of dollar bills, and two letters that India acted that TOOL was involved in marijuana dealing at the high school” (infeasible. Com). Initially, TOOL was sentenced by a Juvenile court to a year in prison. The State Supreme Court overturned this decision (saying Tool’s fourth amendment rights were violated). The state of New Jersey asked the Supreme Court consider its appeal.

Those in favor of N Jersey claimed that Tool’s behavior provided reasonable suspicion and cause to search h for further evidence of the crime. They also believed that school officials did not require warrant to make searches or seizures because they act on behalf of the parents and need to protect the students. On the opposing side, those who supported TOOL believed that s school officials did not have the authority to act as parents because they are state employee s; they must respect students’ rights to privacy.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court voted 6 in favor of New Jersey. The Court’s opinion stated that school officials must maintain discipline a control necessary for education. Justice Byron White agreed with the original Punitive ) court’s jurisdiction that a “school official may properly conduct a search of a student’s person if the official has a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed, or reasonable c cause to believe that the search is necessary to maintain school discipline. ” Supreme Court Case: New Jersey vs.. T. L. O. By Tamari-Share

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