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After viewing the tutorials on finding a case in West, please locate the following legal sources. Give the proper Bluebook citation for the source and also one paragraphs summary of its contents 1. Case: 393 U. S. 503 [the case came out in 1969] A group of students in Des Monies school sued the school for depriving rights of their expression of the Vietnam War. They were suspended from school for wearing black armbands to support peace in the Vietnam War while on the campus premises. The U. S. District Court of Southern District of Iowa ruled that the school’s action was deemed reasonable according to school discipline.

The U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed with no opinion. 383 F. Ad 988. The U. S. Supreme Court reversed that suspension of the students in the protest activity was unconstitutional in denial of the freedom of expression of the First Amendment (U. S. Cons. Amend. L), Tinker v. Des Mattes Index. Com. School Didst. , 393 U. S. 50. (1969). 2. Case: 655 S. E. Ad 232 Elian Cap, a grandmother of a 10 months old infant, Brian Hunter Sykes filed lawsuit against Carolina’s Mexican Bar & Grill #1, Inc. Or punitive damages that resulted in a 10 month old infant injury under Georgians Dram Shop Act O. C. Ga. Code S 51-1-40 (2010). The bar knowingly sold alcohol to the child’s mother that drove a vehicle and was intoxicated at the time of the purchase which caused her infant son being thrown out of the vehicle in water. However, It raised issue that Cap did not have the right to recover medical expenses for her grandchild’s injury before final adoption. The court ruled that only the natural parent Elian Rake and his biological father have the obligation to such right.

Even so, the natural parent given up the rights after the happening of the accident. The trial court granted defendant’s summary of Judgment that Cap can not claim damages under such rule and evidence shown that Rake, infant’s mother was not intoxicated at the time of the alcohol purchased. The court concluded in reverse of the trial court’s decision in denying the motion to dismiss for Cap’s claim for punitive damages. Reconsideration was denied on December 6th, 2007 Cap v. Carolina’s Mexican Bar & Grill NO. I, Inc. , 232 S. E. Ad 779, 665 (Ga. App. 2007)3. Tutee: 29 U. S. C. 5621 This is a Congressional statement code’s purposely to encourage employment base on applicant’s ability not age to prohibit work environment age discrimination. The Congress has found that many long term unemployed workers are from older ages Han younger ages. Long term unemployment could result from the loosing of skill and become less attractive to employers. 29 U. S. C. 621 4. Statute: Main. Stats. 5169. 20 This is the traffic regulation of Right of the Way in Minnesota. The statutes primarily Supreme Court of the United States and u. . District Court By Kathy-Lie intersections. It is divided in the seven subdivisions. Subdivision 1 states the right of way when approaching all intersections. Subdivision 2 talks about rights when driver turning left on an intersection that they have to yield right-of-way. Subdivision 3 divides into two sub-category A and B. Category A talks about on highway roads that drivers need to stop on entrance and yield the right-of-way of other vehicles which already entered. Category B that drivers should stop when seeing stop sign at intersections.

Subdivision 4 talks about that drivers who are about to enter the roadway from any place should yield right-of-way. Subdivision 5 that all drivers should yield to the right as close as possible or even stop when hearing sirens from emergency vehicles. Drivers who failed to yield immediately will result for petty misdemeanors and could be penalized from the arrest of police officer. Subdivision 6 that all drivers should yield right-of-way when funeral in section. Subdivision 7 that all drivers should yield to buses on the right attempting to enter roadway onto the lane from a bus stop.

Main. Stats. Ann. S 169. 20 2. Please provide a working link to state legal resources from your state. Most states put all their laws on their state web page. For example, Indian’s web page is Mind. Gob. 1. Your state constitution http://www. Legging. Ca. Gob/cons-TCO. HTML 2. Your state statutes http://Legging. Legislature. Ca. Gob/faces/codes. XHTML 3. Your state administrative regulations HTTPS://gobo. West. Com/callers/Index? Transportation=Default&contextData= 4. Your state court opinions http://www. Courts. Ca. Gob/opinions. Tm 3. Samaritan Smith came into your office. She was shopping at a local grocery store a few months ago and had an accident. While she was in the aisle with shower items she slipped and fell on some shampoo that had leaked out of one of the bottles. Samaritan had to be taken to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a broken hip and had to spend the night in the hospital. She will also have to go through many months of physical therapy. Samaritan has no healthcare insurance and is a young single mother to a 2 year old son.

The store says that they were not aware of the spill of the shampoo. The store said that an employee checks the aisles for anything on the floors at the top of the hour. The day Samaritan fell, the employee in charge of the aisle inspection was an older gentleman with glasses. The shampoo on the floor was a clear gel. She fell about 1 p. M. The store log says an inspection was last done at 12:45 p. M. The accident happened in a store in Indiana. Please provide the following information: 1 . How would you conduct a search for this problem?

The first most important step when conducting a legal research is to find the issue of the case whether the grocery store will be held liable in Samaritan Smith’s fall. The second is to address if the case is civil or criminal and the type of law. This is a personal injury law which involves tort law deals with injury to person in business of hazards on floor such as liquid spill. 2. Conduct a search on West. Provide one source that your search yielded. PRIMARY SOURCE: A CASE (slip and fall at a grocery store) By utilizing West, Schulz v. Kroger Co. (2012) will serve as a primary source for this case.

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