Texas Judge Gets Nailed for Racketeering

Limas was a criminal Judge, who received a payoff of 8,000 dollars and promised an advance of 100,000 dollars for favorably ruling on helicopter crash, which happened at South Padre Island in February 2008. Judge Limas and members from Rosenthal and Watson Law Firm, State Representative Jim Soils, and Cameron County District attorney conspired to extort money for the settlement of the lawsuit, which former Judge Limas was presiding over. The Federal Bureau of Investigations conducted a four year investigation on public corruption in southern Texas. The task force for public corruption was a multi-agency effort.

The task force consisted of Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Brownsville Police Department, and the Southern Texas Assistant United States Attorneys (USA). In the summer of 2008 evidence showed Limas participating in meetings with attorney Marc Garret Rosenthal, and Jim Soils to plan the terms of Llama’s employment to cover for the money that would be rendered to Limas upon settlement of the case. Limas ruled favorably on the helicopter crash, and was rendered 85,000 dollars when the case settled in October 2009 for 14 million.

Federal Bureau of Investigations has eight individuals who plead guilty for the involvement of public corruption. Former Judge Limas who was sentences on August 21, 2013, Jose Santiago, former Texas State Representative Jim” Soils was sentenced to 47 months imprisonment, Ray Roman March sentence to 42 months until his death, Marc Garrett Rosenthal will be sentenced September 23, 2013, and District Attorney Random Villainous will be sentenced October 15, 2013. The remaining individuals who were involved with the public corruption, and plead guilty are waiting for their day in court.

Who was your diverse group, and what methods did CA 304 WEEK 5 Texas Judge Gets Nailed for Racketeering By semitransparent The diversity in Brownsville, Texas is majority Hispanic who speak Spanish. The methods used to communicate effectively is active listening, feed back to questions asked by law enforcement personnel. For individuals who did not speak English was aided by an interpreter, but most of the alleged criminals involved with public corruption were city officials who were fluent in English.

To ensure proper communication was taking place was to reintegrate the questions in different formats, and ask for feedback to ensure clarity. Did writing a press release about the vent require you to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Writing a press release did require compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act only to act as deterrence. Limas was 57 years old when he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The average life span of an American male is roughly around 40 through 60 years of age. For individuals as old as the Judge is most likely need some kind of medical treatment, continuous medication etc.

The people involved with the case were considered to be senior citizens and are noncompliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. No special treatment was needed physically at the time of the crime. What were the communication dynamics specific to this event? The communication dynamics of the specific event was clear and precise, for the fact the defendants understood the questions being asked, and providing feedback to the questions. There was personal involvement on Llama’s behalf throughout the entire process. The investigation required audio and video surveillance in order to apprehend the alleged criminal offenders.

In conclusion, Former Judge Limas was held accountable for intentionally accoutering through public corruption. The former Judge thought as though no one would find out about his and his new partners future agenda to coerce the legal system. The Joint task force for public corruption had compiled voice recording evidence, which allowed the Jury to hear and listen to verbal communication between the defendants and their families. Brownsville, Texas has advised the city of the punitive actions the parties involved with public corruption, and to ensure the city is doing everything possible to never let this happen again.

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