The Battle Against Injustice

Billy Bryce Mr.. Allen AP English 11 August 10, 2013 The Battle Against Injustice Chaos. Love. Heartbreak. Loss. These were emotions They agreed because Man’s father was Hans’ old friend. Even though Lies feared Max at first, she later becomes very close to him creating a special bond. One day, Hans gave a Jewish man bread and as a consequence, Max had to leave for both his and their safety. After this, Lies began writing her life story. One night, while in her basement, the street the Hibernates lived on was bombed, killing everyone except Lies. Everyone living through those times had to endure many terrible injustices, forever, while some sat down and let the injustices go untouched, others stood up and fought for change.

The most effective of these fighters was Lies Engineer. Lisle’s long battle against injustices began when she stole a book from the ashes after the book burning for Hitter’s birthday. During the book burning, she began to despise the Nazi party, realizing what the Fuehrer was trying to do wasn’t humane and that he wasn’t as good as he made himself out to be during his speeches. By stealing the book, Lies defied and began questioning Hitter’s authority while proving o herself that she wouldn’t give into what he said.

She never gave into his command, even when times became difficult, and it would have been easiest to give into his ideology. When the Nazi party became more oppressive, she became more disobedient, stealing items other than Just books, stealing apples and other small items that were beginning to become harder to obtain. As Max and Lies became close friends, they created a tag-team, fighting injustice together. By not telling anyone about Man’s existence, even her closest friends, Lies fought against Hitter’s oppressive rule. Her family not only hid a Jew in the basement, but she became very close to him, something the Nazis had despised.

Even when her life was put at risk, Lies didn’t back down or become intimidated, instead she looked the danger straight in its face going toe to toe and taking the risk. She was willing to do whatever she could in order to protect Max from the injustices he had to overcome. When Lies was still young, she was still oblivious to the injustices of the society she lived in, however, once she began to grow up, mature, and gain experience, she realized Just how awful the social norms were around her. She fought these injustices by not conforming to them in hopes of defying and questioning the status- quo.

By rebelling, she showed a desire for reform. The reason Lies was so By buffered punished for her rebellion. Whereas, Hans was punished for feeding a dying Jewish man bread by being forced to Join the army, and Max was forced to leave the Haberdasher’s basement and ended up getting caught and put into a concentration camp, Lies got away relatively untouched. The only person who was even aware of her rebellion besides her step-parents was ‘Sis Hermann, the mayor’s wife, who acted by encouraging Lies to continue to steal and rebel.

She would leave out cookies for Lies to eat and letters for her to read whenever she snuck into ‘Sis’s house to steal something. The fight against injustice is so vital because if no one tries to fight against it, nothing will ever change and get any better. If change is ever going to happen, people have to be the reason for it. If enough people stand up against injustice, change is then possible. By fighting the injustice in the world, it might someday be crushed, however, that could only happen if people stood up and took a stand for what is right.

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