rules of conduct that proscribe or mandate certain forms of behavior
One of the primary purposes of law is to maintain & preserve _____
social order
Western democracies such as ours adhere to the rule of _____
rule of law
the belief that an orderly society must be governed by established principles & codes that are applied uniformly & fairly to all of its members
analogous social injury
harm caused by acts or conditions that are legal
An individual is _____x more likely to die at work due to unsafe working conditions than to be the victim of homicide
analogous social harm argument: intent
although the behavior of the executives does not fall in the category of premeditated murder, many actions are done with the knowledge of, or reckless disregard for, the harms that might happen
analogous social harm argument: injury done
face to face crime might be worse because it inflicts more terror, but the basic issue is the injury done – someone died
analogous social harm argument: legitimate activity
although there are some risks involved in certain jobs & certain activities, society can protect people from unnecessary & excessive risk
analogous social harm argument: consent
“if you don’t like your job, just get another” is not as easy as it seems
Anti-drug laws in America have always been about _____ tracing back to 1907 with the criminalization of opium
race & ethnicity
stigmatized racial group locked into an inferior position by law & custom
In the South, a series of restrictive laws known as _____ were enacted to restrict the activity of freed blacks
“black codes”
convict laws
allowed prisons to lease prisoners to work in the agricultural economy (part of the “black codes”)
______ laws applied selectively to blacks ensured that the South could establish another, legal, system of forced labor & control
States enacted ______ laws to force permanent segregation & second-class citizenship on African Americans & Latinos
Jim Crow
“the New Jim Crow”
the vast expansion of the corrections system that is the direct result of the drug war & “law & order” movement that began among the urban unrest of the late 1960s
Native Americans are typically prosecuted under _____ law for serious crimes committed on reservations
2 things all feminism perspectives are concerned with
1. oppression
2. marginalization
Liberal feminists say women & girls should not receive differential treatment under the law due to the ______ perspective
differences perspective
emphasizes the special needs of women & argues that these should be considered when implementing the law
dominance perspective
recognizes that men & women are different & that the sexes are not equally powerful

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