What do Freedom and Justice Mean to me?

Freedom and Justice are the words our nation is shaped around. Our constitution believes in freedom of speech and the right to a fair trail. I believe these are two examples of freedom and Justice shaping our nation. As a country we stand together, united, because of our constitution. Freedom is the right to be able to do as you please unless it interferes with the rights of others. My freedom is very important to me because it gives me the right to speak my personal thoughts. This is important to me because it gives me the right to speak UT against something that offends me or to protect something that others would abolish.

I believe that our freedom is what shapes this country. It has given everyone the right of freedom of speech, along with the right to vote. Without these important rights, we would not have the personal lifestyles we do today. In this present time we are able to speak our beliefs, as long as we do not offend others or invade there personal freedom. Before the constitution was written or put into our lives, strikes ere dealt with harshly and many people could be, and were imprisoned for their beliefs.

The exception to our freedom is speaking out negatively against our country. Our country is called the land of the free and we should not talk poorly about the rights we have. Some countries, for example, Sudan, suffer harsh wars and poor governing because they do not have such strongly enforced laws, or rights as we are privileged with. The Rosenberg are a great example of two people that abused their freedom. They spoke to the Russian government and gave them our top secret files, which was not their own personal right.

Freedom is a part of our constitution, and our daily lives, which means it should not be abused, but used to teach us to be strong and proper decision making citizens. Justice is another term for being fair. I believe that a prime example of this is our judicial system. Our Judicial system gives the right of an uninformed Jury and the right to a fair trial. An example of all this would be of the 0. 1. Simpson case. His case was spread across the news,as well as the Jury was carefully selected, to ensure that o one had formed any personal opinions as to how the case should end.

Although this was a very difficult task, it was crucial to the final outcome of the case. The 0. 1. Simpson case is a very good example of Justice showing how everyone should be treated fairly. Without these two very simple rights our country would be completely different. Could any one person honestly imagine what it would be like to not be able to protest or hold strikes? If these were held, could you imagine the punishment that the group involved would be caused to suffer for their opinion?

For many years, there have been countries that lagged behind in their progress. For instance, most women in Europe were unable to vote until after World War I , as well as some less developed countries still don’t have the freedoms we are entitled to. In some third world countries people are convicted of crimes with little or even no evidence, which is What do Freedom and Justice Mean to me? By Anonymous User States of America our freedom and Justice has truly shaped our country, our history, and our everyday lives.

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