World Justice System

The five components are the following: The first is Local Law Enforcement which local citizens point out the crime to the law enforcement. They are the main force that brings criminals into the criminal Justice system. For the more severe and dramatic crimes the police turn over the crime to the court system for a fair trial. Second in the Court System where once the offender has entered into legal system he then forgoes a criminal trial. The initial law enforcement officer presents to the court the evidence they have at hand.

Then the prosecutor decides if he finds the crime worthy of persecution in court. Third component is making a Court Case where it is brought to Judge, then the Judge decides if a punishment can be issued by him if at all, and if crime is more severe to be moved onto trial with the grand Jury, therefore the criminal pleads “Not Guilty to move onto the trial” The fourth is Trail With Grand Jury which is used in the court of law to hear both sides of case and help determine guilt and punishment.

Which a Jury of peers oversee the case and they decide on guilt. Having a Jury of peers oversee and rule the court is important to the rights of the criminal because the Jury is a third party involved in law enforcement or the lives of the victim or accused. The fifth and final component of the Justice system is the Decision and Punishment. Once the Jury has heard the case, and make a decision of whether the offender is guilty or not guilty.

Then the Judge hears their answer and delivers the verdict, and he or she decides the offenders punishment. World Justice System By boneshaker’s until proven guilty in a court of law. Every offender off crime is entitled too fair trial, entitled to a lawyer that can be supplied by the court, and also has the right to a our of peers to solve his or her case. Each crime once put into the court system is carefully reviewed and can take up to several months to be resolved.

Sometimes it can take even up to six months to get to your sentencing trial. Nobody wants to give the wrong sentence to someone that does not truly deserve that sentence. In conclusion I believe our laws are fair and those that don’t follow those laws should be punished according to that law. Also I believe that our Judicial system is fair, and even for the worst crimes everyone is treated fairly with respect.

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