Worlds injustice to women

Disparity and worlds injustice to women Gender equality is every human beings right. Men and women should be treated equally. When gender inequality occurs, it is usually women whom are degraded. Nicholas D. Kristin; demonstrated the idea of gender inequality by giving an example about a 14-year-old Pakistani girl named Mall who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban. She was shot due to advocating education for impoverished Pakistan girls. The Taliban attempted to end her advocacy, but she did not back down and stood up for women’s rights. In countries like Pakistan, gender inequality is still going on.

When Pakistani women want to open a bank account they are asked for information about their father, brother and husband. This shows that women in Pakistan cannot even have a bank account for themselves without the support of a male figure. Aren’t we women individuals in the society? As an individual we are said to be independent then why cannot some of us be autonomous in some countries and be able to choose for ourselves? In some Muslim countries, girls cannot Join sports such as swimming and football, and be shown in the media, which is unfair to women who want to have experiences and freedom.

In my opinion, societies in which governments enforce religion upon the citizens, women are always the inferior half which wrecks out the idea of equality remnants existing in this world. Successes that women have are often hidden from the media, only the bad is shown which is another maddening point for women all around the world especially in Muslim countries. The lower half wants to be equal to the superiors; there should be nothing against the concept of equality. A Saudi woman who was Judged to work for media declared her idea about equality: “The Lord created me equal to you in my duties, instruments and rewards”.

She also added, “This is the greatest reason that I’m not less qualified”. In Saudi Arabia women cannot drive, the female gender, disregarded to their age, they must wear the traditional baby, especially if they are tall or appear womanly like. The chance of sexual abuse is genuinely high if women go out alone in Saudi Arabia. The restaurants do not allow men and women to sit together unless they are a family. Alabama news reported that on September 9th, 2013 in Yemen an 8-year-old Yemeni child died at hands of a 40-year-old husband on her wedding night due to he sexual trauma.

The issue of child marriages is a lot in Middle East. Families sell their daughters for money, shelter, and safety. Alabama news reported on September 28th, 2013 that women are being kidnapped and forced to perform sexual Worlds injustice to women By Mashers father asked her to take a shower, while she obeyed her dads order a man who looked older than age 50 came in, pulled her hair and took her to the room, poor girl was screaming while her dad was hearing but did not stop the act. How heartless people can be? Is the existence of their emotions absent?

What has caused them to act in such brutal behavior? It is quite sickening and depressing to hear and watch other female individuals of the society being positioned in such cruel situation whilst we are not taking the necessary action. All around the world men do not worry about sexual abuse while in reality 100% of women encounter threat of sexual violence everyday. Most men never personally experience nor are aware of this harmful and shameful act. What is more frustrating is that women are often blamed for the aggression that has been obligated against them.

This is one of my greatest irritations that women are often blamed for the shameful behavior of the male figure. For those who feel pity for women and even girls sexual abuse, now it’s the time to rebel against it. These incidents happen all over the world and we feel bad but often ignore it. Us as women should stop this by either rebelling against it from different nationalities or support strong women who already stood up for women’s right. Inequality exists all over the world mainly focused on Muslim countries, as there are plenty of incidents taken place from the day-to-day life.

God created us all equal and he only difference between men and women is physical and that should not be the cause in which inequality derives from or even exists as an aspect in this world. It is ethically and morally wrong and it is unjustified and very unacceptable as it is corrupting the nature of human beings and how they interact with each other and make themselves a value and a place to fit in this society. Http://www. Alabama. Com/theoretical/Yemen-child-marriage-human-rights-519066 http:,’/’. NP. N. r. N’. Disregarding. Com/commentaries/2013/seep/03/painful- lesson-cheerier- morale-rape http://www. Youth. Com/watch7Fr70YRknGgEc

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